Wedding Fairs

This is one of the busiest times of year for wedding shows and we'll make sure you don't miss out with our local guide to wedding fairs in Hereford and surrounding towns.


Vintage Wedding Fayre at The Shirehall: Sunday 10 January, 11am-4pm

Chase Hotel, Ross-on-Wye: Sunday 17 January, 11am-3pm

How Caple Court: Sunday 7 February, 11am-3pm

Burgoynes Marquees: Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 February, 10am-4pm

Penyard House: Sunday 13 March, 11am-3pm

Dates & times are correct to the best of our knowledge but all are subject to change so we suggest a quick call to the venue or organiser to check, especially if you are making a longer journey.

Send us news of wedding fairs, sales and events in and around Hereford or post details on our Facebook page and we'll add them to this page too. Suppliers, Churches, wedding fair organisers, brides: we'd love to hear from you!

Previously in 2015....

Left Bank: Sunday 18 January, 11am-3pm

Vintage Wedding Fayre at The Shirehall: Sunday 25 January, 11am-4pm

Burton Court: Sunday 8 February, 10am-4pm

Chase Hotel, Ross-on-Wye: Sunday 15 February, 11am-3.30pm

Alexander Park: Sunday 22 February, 11am-3pm

Penyard House: Sunday 22 February, 11am-4pm

Burgoynes Marquees: Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 March, 10am-4pm

How Caple Court: Sunday 8 March, 11am-3pm

Munstone House: Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 March, 11am-3pm

Grange Court, Leominster: Sunday 5 April, 11am-4pm

Lemore Manor: Sunday 19 April, 11am-3pm

Left Bank: Sunday 17 May, 10am-3pm *POSTPONED*

Chase Hotel, Ross-on-Wye: Sunday 30 August, 11am-3pm

Royal Lodge Hotel: Sunday 6 September, 11am-3pm

Vintage Wedding Fayre at The Shirehall: Sunday 13 September, 11am-3pm

Penyard House: Sunday 27 September, 11am-3pm

The Luxury Wedding Show @ Left Bank: Sunday 18 October, 11am-3pm

Munstone House: Sunday 22 November, 11am-3pm